The Big Muddy Urban Farm uses a few different plots in Omaha. Below is a list of our locations and specific information about each space!

33rd and California Plot

This spot was generously given to us by Chris Foster, Martin and Rob Janousek. We share the space with a very skilled grower, Chris Combs of Sweet Thyme Farm, who grows a variety of native perennial plants including small nuts and fruits, as well as some annuals. We grow greens, roots, and peas in raised beds here.

35th and Cass Plot

This is a small plot at the Gifford Park Community Garden where we grow "themed" gardens with the help of kids from Gifford Park neighborhood. In 2012, we planted a pizza garden, with tomatoes, onions, peppers and herbs. At the end of the season, we demonstrated the process of canning your own pizza sauce, and even had a pizza party! For the 2013 season, we are planting a pickling garden: cucumbers, okra, peppers, onions and adding (a small amount of) dill to our perennial herbs.

18th and Fowler
A friend of a Bid Muddy Urban Farm member has graciously shared this lot she owns to help us grow. In 2012, the rich river-bed soil fed our plants with lots of nutrients and we were delighted to glean asparagus from an established patch, as well as mulberries and apples from trees on the plot! We also planted 50 raspberry plants that we hope to harvest from this season and plenty of garlic to be harvested in the spring.

48th and Sahler
Here, we work in partnership with the NorthStar Foundation, cultivating the land adjacent to the Sahler Street Community Garden. The site is reclaimed from a former condemned apartment complex that was removed a few years back. With lots of TLC, we have been adding life back into soil that was mostly devoid of life. Proving to be a challenging site through the hot heat of 2012's summer months, we plan to explore more drought-resistant plants here in 2013 as well as alternative methods of watering and mulching to reduce our water usage here.

New Site!
We are excited to be adding a new site for the 2013 season. This site will be located near farmer Dan's apartment, and will consist of entirely of raised beds. The site will be used to grow primarily greens, and will offer a composting site for nearby residents.