things we love

give our friends some love and support!

No More Empty Pots
A non-profit organizing and collaborating with other groups to promote local food security in Omaha.

Gifford Park Community Garden + Gifford Park Neighborhood Association

Gifford Park Teen Market Garden
Encouraging youth (ages 12-18) to grow food and start their own entrepreneurial projects. 

City Sprouts
A non-profit and community gardening in our neighborhood.

Big Garden
A network of community gardens in rural and urban Nebraska. These folks are partners of ours and they partner with all kinds of groups and organizations to help start new gardens. 

One Farm
Our friend Danelle in Logan, Iowa. She's really gutsy and creative, starting her own business, growing on her family's land, and she collaborates with Pin Oak Place.

Pin Oak Place
Well... if it isn't obvious we especially love young farmers (not to say we don't love all farmers). Ellen and Daniel grow yummy veggies and they also have a sweet CSA program. They offer work-shares, accept EBT/SNAP, and even deliver. Their land in Harlan, IA is beautiful.

Rhizosphere Farm
These folks grow really beautiful veggies and have a sweet CSA program too -- check them out!

Hands to Harvest Community Garden
A newer community garden in the Midtown Omaha area with a lot o spunk.

Benson Farmer's Market
A laid-back family friendly farmer's market with plenty of activities throughout the growing season -- chili cook-off, apple festival, live music, bubbles, etc. We highly recommend stopping by this market in 2012.

Jane's Health Market
A great local health market in Benson that supports local food and local growers.

Community Bicycle Shop Omaha 
Located just around the corner from our plot on 33rd and California this is a great place to get your bike fixed, learn new skills, volunteer, and take your kids!

Buy Fresh Buy Local
A wonderful way to get connected to the many aspects of sustainable food in Nebraska. Find out about local CSAs, farmer's markets, and more, in their annual Buy Fresh Buy Local Nebraska Guide. 

Nebraska Sustainable Agricultural Society (NSAS)
Along with offering continued support to sustainable farmers across Nebraska, NSAS hosts an annual farm conference in February! We enjoy attending every year, as it provides us with the opportunity to meet and visit with many inspirational farmers, both young and old, and share stories of our adventures in farming.

Practical Farmer's of Iowa 
This group really knows what's up!! and they are a great resource for all things farming.