Tuesday, January 31, 2012

seed garlic!

check out those beauties!


  1. If you folks want some wheat seed, I have about 49.5 lbs left from my sowing last fall, I won't mind sharing a little bit!

    1. Wow! How wonderful. We are definitely sharing your excess. What kind of seed is it? Would it be better planted in the summer or as a late fall crop? Also, it would be great if you came to the Cafe this Friday! We would love to meet you and talk with you about all things farming :)

    2. The wheat is hard red winter, specifically "Overland". I've both a winter plot and just planted a spring plot today. I'm not exactly sure how either will do, but it's kind of an experiment. Let me know how much you want and where/when I can drop it off!

    3. We will graciously accept any amount! We have talked about using it as a "natural fence" around one of our growing sites! Email us at bigmuddyfarm@gmail.com to work out the details for pick up/drop off of seeds.