Thursday, January 19, 2012

Seeds and dreams!

We've gotten about half of the seeds we ordered in so far and are anxiously waiting for the rest.  We are committed to buy from pesticide free seed sources and I just wanted to showcase some of the varieties I am most excited to grow for the CSA (and have been dreaming about)!

Japanese Black Trifele

I ran into this tomato while working on Friendly Farms in Iowa City with my friend Bob Braverman. Doesn't crack as much as other large heirlooms and has the best taste. We got our seeds from Seed Savers and hope to have a bunch of these in our CSA shares from July on!

New England Sugar Pie
We are excited to be growing one of the best pie pumpkins for our CSA this year and hope to have at least a couple to put in each share in October so kids (and adults) can get their pumpkin pie fix. I learned the value of buying good pumpkin seeds last year when we went to market with pumpkins from an unknown source. This year we corrected that mistake and purchased from the Missouri based, Baker's Creek Seed Company.

Bull's Blood Beetroot
Finally we have this dark red beet that is great for pickling, boiling, eating raw, or dyeing your hair with (I know from personal experience). Some people say they don't like beets because they taste like dirt, I say great, that leaves more beet for the rest of us.

Hope you enjoyed a look at some of the varieties we are itching to get in the ground for this next year, I personally can't wait, only a few more months to go.

See you in the fields,

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