Monday, February 20, 2012

Five simple ways to show us your support

1. Come to the "Secret Cafe" our friends are hosting this Friday. It is to be held between 6pm and 10pm and you will not be disappointed: lots of tasty food and even live music! Suggested donation of $5+. We will also have little take home treats (as supplies last) for anyone attending. Stay tuned for the location!

2. Leave us a happy note on any of our posts-- or even an email! We would LOVE to hear from you :)

3. Mark your calendars for March 4th. Our friend Lori is hosting a Hootenanny at the Waiting Room, here in Omaha! It is $5 to attend and well worth it. There will be a variety of different musicians and tasty foods from local vendors. Bring your friends and family (its kid friendly!).

4. Follow us on Facebook or on Twitter for more updates! We will be posting lots and lots of photos throughout the season, and as we start to get our plants going.

5. Sign up for a share of our CSA! Though there is still a bit of time till our registration ends, March 18th is less than a month away. Email us for more details and the member agreement today! Remember, our email address is:

Thanks for your continued support,
Farmer Ali

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