Thursday, March 8, 2012

shares filling up, snaps, and who wants a patch?

Good news everyone! Our CSA shares are really filling up. With all of our prospective candidates right now we will be completely full. So, if you are still interested in a share PLEASE email us soon and then send in your Member Agreement form. We need a deposit from you to save your spot. Once we have received the deposit you are guaranteed in!

Remember... the deadline for CSA registration is March 18th. So soon!

Here are some snaps from the Secret Cafe for those of you who missed it. We had so much fun we are certain to host another one this summer sometime. Also below, Matt Cronin and Michaela's band Mallows of Marsh performing at the Hootenanny. This song featured our friend Otto and Sophia on vocals. Then... a few snaps from our seed party the other day.

Also, we have these really great patches if you want one to sew on a bag, shirt, hat, overalls, whatever you like email us -- 

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Caitie & Big Muddy Urban Farm Collective

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