Friday, March 16, 2012

thank you y muchas gracias

What else is there to say? As our CSA registration closes this Sunday (March 18th) we have handfuls of people to thank for their support over the last five months. Starting this urban farming project has been a huge community effort. The people below have offered us support and much needed resources to get Big Muddy Urban Farm off the ground (or in the ground, whichever way you look at it).

Big Muddy Urban Farm thanks to...

Tom Lundahl
Lori Tatreau
Lance Brisbois
Adam Sherad
James Lemieux
Chris Foster
Chris Combs
Martin & Rob Janousek
Dan Susman, our friend and Growing Cities filmmaker 
Mary Hodapp
Stephanie Ahlschwede & United Methodist Ministries
Susan Whitfield 
Nancy Williams
Jeff & Gloria Jensen
David & Patrick of Localmotive
Billene Nemec 
The Nebraska Sustainable Agriculture Society
Mike Hall of Upstream Brewery
Ellen Shurson
Hoo Hallow Collective 
inCOMMON Community Development (where we're hosting our members potluck!)

Big Muddy Urban Farm
Ali, Brent, Caitie, Dan, Tyler, Matt, and Jamie

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